Importing Actions

Importing Actions in Action Management

Clicking the Import button will display the Import Actions child window.

In order to view and import Actions from another Project, a Project must be selected from the "Import from Project" drop-down at the top. The drop-down is populated with any Projects that have Actions identified.

The Search Actions feature is available to help find the correct Actions to import.

Please note "Internal Actions" will not be displayed, and thus are not able to be imported.

From the Import button there are two options for importing Actions:

Import All - Import all Actions returned with the current search criteria. Please note: Actions on all returned pages will be imported.

Import Selected - Import any currently displayed Actions that have been checked in the Import column of the DataGrid. To check all Actions use the Check All button at the bottom of the child window.

Upon successful import the Import Actions child window will close, a success message will be displayed at the bottom of the application and the last of the newly imported Actions will be selected.