Create Project

Create New Project

A Project can be created on the Projects page, it will initially be set to a Status of Not Started and begin in the Start Up Phase by default. There are features available during Project creation to quickly create any necessary Stakeholders and set a Start Date if one is known.

Instructions for utilising the Create New Project feature of the Projects page are as follows:

Process Step Action within Project on Demand
1 Navigate to Projects.
  1. Click the button in the application Header - this will display a context menu.
  2. Click the Projects option - this will navigate the application to Projects.
2 Access the Create New Project feature of Projects.
  1. Click the New button - a child window will be displayed.
3 Enter requested information.

Optional **

  1. Enter the Project Title.
  2. Enter the Project Description.
  3. ** Stakeholders for the Project can be created by checking the corresponding checkbox in the Create Stakeholder column of the DataGrid provided. The current Administrator will be checked by default. Any Users being assigned as a Stakeholder can also be set as the Project Manager in a similar fashion.
  4. ** The expander located at the bottom of the child window can be expanded to display a calendar control where the Project's Start Date can be selected if one is currently known.
  5. Click the Save button - providing no validation errors remain, a success message will be displayed and the child window will close. The newly created Project will be displayed and selected in the DataGrid.