Interface Features

Interface Features

Project on Demand contains a number of "application wide" features that aren't specific to any particular page within the application:


The mouse cursor can be used to help distinguish "functional" interface elements/controls - meaning they will perform some functionality when single or double clicked.

Ordinarily the mouse cursor will be the default arrow pointer, however when hovering over elements/controls that are functional the cursor will change to the hand pointer indicating they are clickable.

An example of the described behaviour on a button:

An example of the described behaviour on a DataGrid row (this requires a double click):

Tooltips are commonly used with functional elements/controls to describe their functionality.


Tooltips are used within Project on Demand to help describe features and their functionality. Hovering the mouse cursor over an element such as a button, without moving, for 1 second will display a small text overlay underneth the element that contains a description of the functionality of that feature.

Tooltips will also display when hovering over this information icon:

Browser Back button

The navigation history of the application is handled internally and is not shared with the users browser, this means the browsers Back button functionality will not work inside the application.

Clicking the browsers back button will display an exit application confirmation window. If No is clicked the confirmation window will close and the application will remain. If Yes is clicked the browser will navigate to the previous webpage in it's history.

Cancel Changes

Attempting to navigate to a page within the application when there are unsaved changes will cause the application to display a confirmation window to confirm whether to cancel those changes before proceeding.

If No is clicked the confirmation window will close and the navigation will be stopped. If Yes is clicked the confirmation window will close, any unsaved changes will be cancelled and the navigation procedure will proceed.