About Changes

What are Changes?

A Change is a term used to describe necessary amendments to the agreed timeline, budget or scope of the Project.

How should they be used?

The Change management process within Project on Demand is as follows:

Project Management Process Step Action within Project on Demand
1 Identify and record the required Change request. Create a new Change.
2 Assign an analyst to the Change request. Allocate Change to an User.
3 Analyst performs an impact analysis for the Change request in terms of time, cost and quality. Analyst completes and submits impact analysis.
4 Submit the Change request to the Change Control Board for their approval or rejection. Send the Change out to members of the Change Control Board for approval.
5 Change is approved or rejected by the Change Control Board. Requested Change Control Board members approve or reject the Change request.
6 If the Change request has been approved, plan and implement the required changes. -

Change Properties

Name Description Possible Values
ID Unique Change reference number. Number - Generated by the application.
Title Title of the Change request. Text.
Description Full description of the Change request. Text.
Justification A description of the justification for the Change request in terms of costs versus benefits. Text.
Requested By The person who requested the Change. User with Project access or text.
Date Raised The date the Change Request was created. Date - Generated by the application.
Impact (Score) The impact score of the Change request upon the Project if it is approved. (1) Very Low, (2) Low, (3) Medium, (4) High or (5) Very High.
Impact (Text) A description of the impact in terms of time, cost and quality. Text.
Analyst The person who has been allocated to perform an impact analysis for the Change request. Text.
Status The current state of the Change request. Open, Awaiting Impact Analysis, Impacted, Awaiting Approval Response, Approved or Rejected.

Concurrency Control

Changes implement optimistic concurrency control.