Impacting Changes

Impacting a Change

An Analyst allocated to a Change can perform their impact analysis via the "Internal Action" generated by the application displayed in the Users Pending Actions on their Project Dashboard. The Pending Action can be Executed by selecting the Action and clicking the Execute button or double clicking the Action itself in the DataGrid.

Executing the Pending Action will display a child window allowing the Analyst to perform their Impact Analysis.

An Impact (Score) can be selected from the drop-down and the Impact (Text) property can be filled in to describe the impact in terms of time, cost and quality.

Any Impact Analysis performed can be saved for future submission by clicking the Save button, this will close the child window, display a success message at the bottom of the application but will not submit the Impact Analysis so futher details can be added at a later time.

Once the Impact Analysis has been finalised it can be submitted by clicking the Submit button, this will close the child window and complete the Impact Analysis for the Change, any associated generated Action will be set to Completed and a success message will display at the bottom of the application.

If the Cancel button is clicked, the child window will close and any changes will be lost.