Locating Changes


Changes may be found in the following parts of the application, however different Stakeholder Permissions are required to access specific application sections and any corresponding management features (insert, edit, and remove etc) they may contain.

Stakeholder Permissions - The following are accessible if the User has the correct Stakeholder Permissions on the current Project.

Change Management - The Change Management Tool is the central location to find, view and manage Changes. View permission is required to access the Tool, this includes the use of any features that aid in searching Changes. Edit permission is required to enable any management features.


Change Management

The Change Management Tool has features for searching, viewing and managing Changes for the entire Project.

The Search Changes feature enables Users to locate and display Changes based on specific criteria.

Users with the Edit permission will have access to the management features of the Change Management Tool, these include: Create, Edit, Allocate, Approve, Remove and Change History.

Changes displayed within Change Management are sorted in ascending order by ID and paged to 25 items per page.

Additional properties can be displayed by using the row details feature of the DataGrid.