About Decisions

What are Decisions?

A Decision is a conclusion or resolution that is reached after consideration. For example, The project Steering Group has authorised an increase to the project budget.

Project on Demand provides a Decision management solution that facilitates the provision of an audit trail for key project Decisions.

How should they be used?

The Decision management process within Project on Demand is as follows:

Project Management Process Step Action within Project on Demand
1 Identify and record the key Decision. Create a new Decision.
2 Assign ownership of the Decision. Set the Owner.

Decision Properties

Name Description Possible Values
ID Unique Decision reference number. Number - Generated by the application.
Description Full description of the Decision. Text.
Origin The origin of the Decision. Text.
Date The date the Decision was identified. Autogenerated to date of creation but fully customisable.
Owner The person who has been assigned ownership of the Decision. User with Project access or text.

Concurrency Control

Decisions implement optimistic concurrency control.