Importing Documents

What is Importing?

Importing is a feature of Documents that aims to help speed up the production of Documents by copying components from other Projects.

When importing from another Project the text fields on the current Document will be overwritten with the values from the selected Project. Any list-based items on the current Document will remain and will be added to with the values from the selected Project.

How to Import

Clicking on the Import button at the bottom right corner of the Document will display the Import Document child window.

In order to view and import from another Project, a Project must be selected from the "Import from Project" drop-down at the top. The drop-down is populated with any other Projects in the application.

From the import button there are two options for importing within Documents:

Import Current Tab - Imports all data on the currently selected tab.

Import All - Imports all Document data.

Upon successful import the Import Document child window will close and a success message will be displayed at the bottom of the application..