View / Edit Document


The View and Edit mode of Documents can be accessed by interacting with the associated Goal on the Phase Progression or in the Project Management Processes Tool.

Clicking the associated Goal will display a context menu with View Document and Edit Document options, selecting an option will navigate the User into the relevant Document mode.

Note: Entering Edit mode from a Status of Not Started will set that Goal/Document to a Status of In Progress.

Mode Toggle

Assuming the correct Permissions have been acquired, the View mode and Edit mode can be toggled between each other using a feature available inside Documents. Clicking the icon at the top center of the Document will display a context menu with an option to switch between modes.

View mode

View mode will display a read-only version of the Document where all Document editing features are disabled. All controls relating to editing will be hidden and inaccessible, this includes the feature to manually create a new Document History record.

Edit mode

In Edit mode all Document editing features are enabled, including the ability to edit the Document Author, Import from other Projects and manually create new Document History records.

The Save and Cancel buttons will be enabled when the Document has detected changes.

Any changes made to text fields can be saved manually by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the Document. Navigating to different tabs or opening child windows will also trigger a save for any changes made.

Clicking Cancel button will reverse any unsaved changes.

Edit mode will not be accessible during Review and Approval procedures.