Getting Started

Getting Started

Getting started with a new application or piece of software can be daunting so we have created some basic User Guides that will:

1 Help familiarise you with the application and it's main features. (for all users)

2 Provide instructions on how to setup Project on Demand. (for Administrators)

The User Guides and the full Application Feature articles are all accessible through the navigation menu on the left of this website.

Tour of the Interface - Familiarise yourself with the visual appearence of the application and where each set of features is located.

Accessing Projects - Learn how to access Projects.

Using the Dashboard - Learn how to use some of the features available on the Dashboard.

Interface Features - Learn about some helpful "application wide" features.

Manage own User - Learn about some useful features for managing your own User account.

1 Manage Users - Invite other users to use the application with you.

2 Create Project - Initial creation and setup of a Project.

3 Manage Stakeholders - Assign other Users as Project Stakeholders and configure their access permissions.

4 Configure Project - Configure the required level of Project governance.