Ensure Traceability

What is Ensure Traceability?

The Ensure Traceability Tool exists to highlight omissions within the Solution Design, it aids in the following tasks:

  1. Ensure that every Requirement Element defined within the Requirements Specification is referenced by at least one Design Element in the Solution Design.
  2. Ensure that the Solution Design does not contain Design Elements that are not referencing a defined Requirement Element.

The Ensure Traceability Tool can be accessed by clicking Open Tool through the associated "Ensure Traceability" Goal in the Design Phase of Phase Progression.

Note: Accessing the Ensure Traceability Tool through an associated Goal on the Phase Progression will automatically set that Goal's Status to In Progress if it is currently in a Status of Not Started.

Ensure Traceability Format

The Ensure Traceability Tool is split into two tabs, one displaying the Requirement Elements defined in the Requirements Specification and the other displaying Design Elements defined in the Design Specification Document.

Displayed Elements are sorted in ascending order by ID. Element's Attachments can be displayed by using the row details feature of the TreeList.

Missing references can be easily identified by the Not Assigned notification in the References column of the DataGrid on each tab.

Selecting an Element and clicking on the Manage button will display either the Manage Requirement Element References or Manage Design Element References child window where any reference omissions can be remedied.

Upon closure of either Manage References child window, any changes made will be saved and a success message will display at the bottom of the application.

Displayed Elements on either tab can be refreshed by clicking the Refresh button.

How should it be used?

The Ensure Traceability process within Project on Demand is as follows:

Project Management Process Step Action within Project on Demand
1 Check for missing Requirements within the Solution Design. Use Design References column in Requirements tab of Ensure Traceability to identify any missing references.
2 Resolve any discrepancies highlighted. Resolve discrepancies using the Manage Requirement Element References child window or by revisiting the Solution Design.
3 Check for redundancies within the Solution Design. Use Design References column in Design tab of Ensure Traceability to identify any redundant Design Elements.
4 Resolve any redundancies highlighted. Resolve redundancies by revisiting the Solution Design.

Concurrency Control

The Ensure Traceability Tool implements pessimistic concurrency control on each tab separately.