About Project Management Processes

What are Project Management Processes?

The Project Management Processes consist of seven management plan Documents that define how the Project Manager intends to manage the key aspects of the Project.

Individual management plans are produced and published during the Initiation Phase and implemented throughout the life of the Project.

The PMP Tool where the management plans are managed can be accessed by clicking the Management Processes button on the main menu or by clicking Open Tool through an associated goal on the Phase Progression.

Each management plan contains various elements that have been designed to ensure "best practise".

Management Plan Elements
Quality Management Plan
  • Quality Assurance
  • Scope Management
  • Change Management
  • Testing Strategy
  • Defect Repair Strategy
  • Configuration Management
  • Stakeholder Review and Approval Management
Cost Management Plan
  • Cost Management Strategy
Schedule Management Plan
  • Schedule Management Strategy
Risk Management Plan
  • Risk Management Strategy
  • Issue Management Strategy
  • Risk Response Profile
Communication Management Plan
  • Communication Management Strategy
  • Meetings
  • Reports
  • Presentations
Procurement Management Plan
  • Procurement Management Strategy
Human Resource Management Plan
  • Human Resource Management Strategy