Accessing Projects


The first page displayed once you have loaded the application will be the Login page.

Here your User login details can be entered and the Login button clicked to login to the application.

A Reset Password option is also available incase you have forgotten it, see instructions here.


Upon successfully logging into the application, the next page displayed will be the Projects page.

The Projects page will display all Projects to which you currently have access. You can "enter" these Projects by clicking the Enter button or by double clicking the row.

Users with an Account Type of Standard will see Projects on which they are a Stakeholder.

Users with an Account Type of Administrator will see all Projects, including inaccessible Inactive Projects. Administrators also have access to additional management features as detailed here.


Once a Project has been "entered" three things will happen:

  1. The Project's ID, Title and Phase will be displayed inside of a button in the top left of the application with features available if clicked, see here.
  2. The Main Menu will appear.
  3. The application will navigate to your Dashboard for the current Project.

All of the Project tools and features to which you have access are accessible either through the application Main Menu or through features available on the Dashboard, see here.