Tour of the Interface


Learn about the application's main visual components and the features they contain that are available to you.

The application has three main visual components:


The "Header" is the gray bar at the very top of the application that appears once logged in. The Header contains a number of features, some of which are only available once you have "entered" a Project.

Features that are always visible within the header:

Application Management

Clicking the button in the very top left of the application will display a context menu. This context menu will have options available for navigating to User Management or Projects, where Users and Projects can be managed. Clicking on one of the available options will navigate the application to the relevant page.

Note: Only Administrator Users have access to the User Management feature.

Note: Navigating to the Projects page will exit the current Project.

Current Location

The current location within the application is displayed in the middle of the header next to the icon.


Clicking the Account button will navigate to My Profile where you can manage your own User account.


Clicking the Help button will open up this documentation website in a new browser tab.


Clicking the Logout button will logout of the application and return you to the Login page.


Clicking the News button will display a child window containing any News about the application posted by Repton Projects.

Project Features

Once a Project has been "entered", the current Project's ID, Title and Phase are displayed in the top left of the header next to the button, this information is displayed inside of a button and is clickable.

Clicking the button will display a context menu with options to navigate to Project Details or Project Maintenance, clicking on one of the available options will navigate the application to the relevant page.

Note: Only Administrator Users have access to the Project Maintenance feature.

Main Menu

Once a Project has been "entered" from the Projects page the "Main Menu" will appear underneth the Header.

The Main Menu contains buttons that correspond with an application page or Tool, clicking on a button will navigate the application to that respective page or Tool.

The buttons visible to you will depend on the Stakeholder Permissions you possess on the current Project.

Available buttons:

Button Navigates to Feature
Dashboard Dashboard
Schedule Schedule
Budget Budget
Changes Change Management
Management Processes Project Management Processes
Risks Risk Management
Actions Action Management
Issues Issue Management
Decisions Decision Management
Assumptions Assumption Management
Constraints Constraint Management
Dependencies Dependency Management
Lessons Learned Lessons Learned
Stakeholder Analysis Tools Stakeholder Analysis Tool or Required Skills Matrix Tool
Project Status Reporting Project Status Reporting

Content Area

The remaining area underneth the Main Menu is the "Content Area", this is used to display the content of the current page.