Schedule Visibility Options

Visibility Options

Schedule Management has a range of visibility features that work with the Schedule control to aid in visualising Project Tasks.

The Set Visible Range, Shift Visible Range, Extend Visible Range and Zoom features manipulate the right side of the Schedule control by either changing the visible range of dates or by changing the perspective zoom.

The Highlight Path and Scroll to Task feature will aid in searching/navigating large Task lists.

The majority of these features are located inside an expander control at the top of Schedule Management, therefore they can be collapsed to provide more vertical height for the Schedule control.

Visible Range

The right side of the Schedule control has an associated "Visible Range" that is the range of dates that are displayed running along the top, this can be manipulated by the following features:

Set Visible Range

The Set Visible Range feature has 3 options:

  • Entire Project - Displays 3 days before the earliest Task starts to 3 days after the latest Task ends. This is the default range upon first opening Schedule Management.
  • Current Month - Displays the current month.
  • Current Year - Displays the current year.

Shift Visible Range

The Shift Visible Range feature has 2 options:

  • Previous Month - The start and end date of the "Visible Range" will shift backward by 1 month keeping the same range duration.
  • Next Month - The start and end date of the "Visible Range" will shift forward by 1 month keeping the same range duration.

Extend Visible Range

The Extend Visible Range feature is built into the horizontal scroll bar on the right side of the Schedule control. Once the "bar" portion of the scrollbar has reached the end of it's range, clicking the neighbouring arrow button will provide one of the following features depending on which side the "bar" is on:

  • Extend Start - Extends the start date of the "Visible Range" by 1 day .
  • Extend End - Extends the end date of the "Visible Range" by 1 day.


The Zoom feature expands and compresses the displayed date range. Dragging the "slider" control to the left or right will expand or compress the date range respectively.

Highlight Path

The Highlight Path feature highlights specific Tasks in bright red so they are easier to find/visualise. Options are available from the drop-down and several highlight options are available:

  • None - Clear all highlights.
  • Completed Tasks - Tasks that are 100% complete.
  • Tasks In Progress - Tasks that are between 0.01 % and 99.9% complete.
  • Unstarted Tasks - Tasks that are 0% complete.
  • Late Tasks - Tasks that are not complete and have passed the end date.
  • Critical Path - Tasks that are on the Critical Path
  • Summary Tasks - "Parent" Tasks.
  • Child Tasks - "Child" Tasks.
  • Milestones - Tasks that have a zero duration.

Scroll to Task

The Scroll to Task button can be clicked and the left side of the Schedule control will navigate to the currently selected Task, this can be useful when navigating large lists of Tasks.