Required Skills Matrix Tool

What is the Required Skills Matrix?

The Required Skills Matrix Tool highlights gaps between the currently available skills that are held by the Project’s Stakeholders versus the Required Skills that are necessary in order to deliver the Project.

The Tool can be accessed by clicking the Stakeholder Analysis Tools button on the Main Menu and selecting the Required Skills Matrix option in the context menu that opens.

Required Skills Matrix Format

The Required Skills Matrix Tool displays a list of the current Project's Stakeholders, each Stakeholder will include an Experience property for each Required Skill defined on the current Project.

The Experience values are displayed within the DataGrid as coloured icons, the key displayed at the top can help identify the definition of specific colours.

The Required Skills displayed as column headers of the DataGrid include the Amount Required property so as to easily indicate any gaps with available skills.

Note: Required Skill Management can be accessed by Administrator Users by clicking the Open Required Skill Management button located at the bottom of the Tool.

Clicking on the Edit button will display a child window so the Required Skills Experience for the selected Stakeholder can be edited. Alternatively the row can be double-clicked to perform the same action.

Once all necessary changes have been made the Required Skills Experience can be saved by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the child window. If any validation errors are encountered they will display at the bottom of the child window and must be rectified before the Analysis can be successfully saved.

Upon successful completion of the editing process the child window will close and a success message will display at the bottom of the application.

If the Cancel button is clicked, the child window will close, any changes will be cancelled and nothing will be saved.

How should it be used?

Usage of the Required Skills Matrix within Project on Demand is as follows:

Project Management Process Step Action within Project on Demand
1 Assess and record each Stakeholder's level of experience with each defined Required Skill. Edit Stakeholders Required Skill Experience within the Required Skills Matrix and assign the appropriate level of Experience for possessed Skills.
2 Assess the currently available Skills on Stakeholders versus the Required Skills defined for the Project to identify any Skill deficiencies. Use the Required Skills Matrix to easily visually identify any Skill deficiencies within the Project.

Stakeholder Required Skills Experience Properties

Name Description Possible Values
Stakeholder Associated Stakeholder. Stakeholder - Set by the application.
An Experience property is generated by the application for each Required Skill defined in the current Project:
Required Skill Description The level of the Required Skill a Stakeholder possesses. Experienced - Could Train Others, No Training Required, Current Being Trained or Requires Training.

Concurrency Control

Stakeholder Required Skills Experience implement optimistic concurrency control.