About Users

What are Users?

A User is an account created within the Project on Demand application that identifies a specific person authorised to use the application.

Project on Demand offers two different User Account Types for differing application access:

Note: The initial Administrator User created within the application will be a special "License Holder" account. This account cannot be disabled or downgraded as there must always be one Administrator User to manage other Users and Projects.

New Users can be created by existing Administrator Users via User Management in order to facilitate other persons access into the application. They can then be assigned as Stakeholders on Projects in order to control their access into the Projects themselves. Stakeholder Permissions can be used to further control the access the User has to features and tools within Projects.

New User accounts undergo a setup procedure where an account Password, Contact Details and Security Details are required to be provided in order to complete the process. Users can then manage their own accounts via My Profile.

How should they be used?

Usage of Users within Project on Demand is as follows: Optional *

Both Administrator and Standard User:

Process Step Action within Project on Demand
1 Register account to access application. Complete setup procedure sent via email.
2 Access application. Login to application using details provided during setup procedure.
3* Revise own User account details if required. Edit own User via My Profile.

Administrator User:

Project Management Process Step Action within Project on Demand
1 Identify and record person(s) requiring access to application. Create new Users.
2 Assign Users as Stakeholders on required Projects. Create a new Stakeholder on each Project the User requires access.
3* Revise a User's details if required. Edit User via User Management.
4* Prevent a User from accessing the application if required. Set User's Account Status to Disabled.

User Status

Users have a Status associated with them that controls whether that User account can be used to access the application:

Status Description Can Set Manually Can Access Application
Active Default Status. Allows that User account to be used to access the application and be used in User related lists within the application.
Pending Indicates the User account is undergoing an editing procedure that is required to be completed. This Status will prevent that User account from being able to login. This Status is set by the application once a procedure requiring input from the User has been started.
Disabled Prevents that User account from being able to login. This allows Users to be "disabled" without being removed and losing important historical data.

User Properties

Name Description Possible Values
Forename Users forename. Text.
Surname Users surname. Text.
Login Email Valid email address accessible by User account owner. Text.
Password Password used to access application. Text.
Created Date The date the User account was created. Date - Generated by the application.
Last Login Date The date the User last logged into the application. Date - Generated by the application.
Office # Office telephone number to contact User. Text.
Mobile # Mobile telephone number to contact User. Text.
Account Type Describes application access. Standard or Administrator.
Security Question Question asked when attempting to reset account password. Text.
Security Answer Answer to question asked when attempting to reset account password. Text.
Status The current state of the User account. Active, Pending or Disabled.

Concurrency Control

Users implement optimistic concurrency control.